Fashion Blogger Policy

How we work with you, the Sheek Shat Fashion Blogger.

We collaborate with Fashion Bloggers through our sheek products with promotions that are sent from us to you! Bloggers post pictures of our new products, and promotions on their forums (via link), such as their personal blog, Facebook, Youtube, IG etc. Our bloggers benefit from special discounts and free products direct from our new product lines.

Sheek Shat Fashion Blogger Qualifications.

Our fashion-industry bloggers must all be approved prior to becoming official Sheek Shat Fashion Bloggers. Here’s what we are looking for:

- Established Bloggers


- You believe you have a taste for fashion and are influential in your personal blog, Facebook page, YouTube etc,

- Age 15-35

- You blog about fashion frequently, at least once a week.

- Maintains funky fresh & of course "sheek" online platforms on their personal blog, Facebook and/or Youtube, etc

Ready to "Sheek" up your "Shat" ? 

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